M.T.H.S Admission Requirements For the best  High School in Cayo

Admission Requirements

  • First Form candidates who perform adequately on the PSE will be accepted a Mopan Tech on of the best high schools in Cayo.

  • First Form applicants are required to present Standard V and Standard VI report cards on registration day.  Only students who have successfully completed primary school are normally eligible for admittance.

  • First Form students are required to present a certified copy of a birth certificate and their social security card, along with a passport size picture.

  • First Form applicants are also required to be in possession of a satisfactory conduct record.

  • First Form candidates who do not meet P.S.E. requirements but have an outstanding primary school academic record may be considered on an individual basis according to the merits of their case and the availability of space.

  • All First Form applicants who are admitted to school are required to attend a two-week summer school for Math and English in July.  The cost of each course is $25.00 payable on registration day.

  • All fees must be paid at registration.

  • Students who have been expelled from other institutions will normally not be considered for admission to Mopan Technical High School.

  • Students who transfer from other high schools will be placed on academic and disciplinary probation.  The following documents are requested:

    – An official transcript

    – One recommendation from principal and one from a subject teacher.

    – A police record

  • Only transfer students with an average of 80.0 or higher will be considered for admittance to Mopan Technical High School.

  • All students are required to sign a disciplinary contract at registration time. The contract states that parents/guardians and students agree to abide by the school rules and regulations.

  • For registration dates, see school calendar.

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