Our Schedule:


All students are required to be on campus by 7:55 a.m. every morning.  The warning bell rings at 7:50 a.m.  The second bell rings at 7:55 a.m., at which time all students are to be seated in their respective home rooms for a 15-minute homeroom period, during which announcements are usually made.



7:55   to   8:15              —————                    Homeroom/Attendance

8:15   to   8:55              —————                    First period

8:55   to   9:35              —————                    Second period

9:35   to 10:15              —————                    Third period

10:15 to 10:35              —————                    BREAK

10:35 to 11:15               —————                   Fourth period

11:15 to 11:55                —————                  Fifth period

11:55 to 12:30               —————                  LUNCH BREAK

12:30 to   1:10               —————                  Sixth period

1:10   to   1:50               —————                  Seventh period

1:50   to   2:30              —————                   Eighth period

2:30    to   3:10             —————                   Ninth period (first form only)


An alternate schedule is followed whenever it is necessary for workshops, staff meetings, special school functions and on the last Friday of each month.

7:55   to  8:15                —————                    Homeroom/Attendance

8:15   to  8:45                —————                    First period

8:45   to  9:15                —————                    Second period

9:15   to  9:45                —————                    Third period

9:45   to 10:15               —————                    Fourth period

10:15 to 10:35               —————                    BREAK

10:35 to 11:05               —————                    Fifth period

11:05 to 11:35                —————                    Sixth period

11:35 to 12:05                —————                   Seventh period

12:05 to 12:35               —————                    Eighth period

12:35 to 1:05                  —————                   Ninth period (first form only)


The safety of students and staff is of paramount importance.  Upon reasonable suspicion, the school reserves the right to inspect bags or search for dangerous weapons, controlled substances, or missing or stolen properties.



Disciplinary measures may be taken against a student for offences in the classroom or school-related offences, but teachers shall be mindful of effective and acceptable methods of behavioral modification, including counseling.  A violation of any rule or refusal to comply with the rules and regulations governing behavior at school or elsewhere, or at any function held on or off campus, may result in disciplinary actions.

  1. For each offence a student will receive a demerit or demerits.
  2. Five demerits constitute a jug.
  3. Three jugs constitute a five-school day suspension.
  4. Two suspensions (30 demerits) in any one school year will warrant withdrawal from school.
  5. A total of three suspensions throughout the four years will warrant withdrawal from school.
  6. Where a student exhibits persistent negative behavior, the Principal shall arrange a meeting with the parent (s) or guardian (s) to set out appropriate measures to be taken, including determining the responsibilities of an action to be taken by the parent (s) or guardian (s).
  7. Parents or guardians are expected to supervise behavior of students at home and monitor behavior when students are otherwise outside of the formal supervision of school personnel to ensure conformity with relevant school rules.